History of Childcare and Community Centre, Hilton Street

Ashton, Wigan & District YMCA is a charity, a company limited by guarantee.
There has been a YMCA in Ashton in Makerfield since 1905 and in 1926 it located to the site on Bolton Road. Since then that site has undergone three major rebuilds as part of various restructuring. Funds obtained from Wigan Local Authority, S.R.B. and RECHAR grants were matched from funds obtained from the sale of land in trust to Ashton YMCA and in 1993 the Hilton Street premises were officially opened.

Ashton, Wigan and District YMCA, changed its name in 1995 as a result of individuals using the YMCA services from a wider catchment area throughout the Borough.

In 1997 investment from Ashton YMCA again upgraded the Bolton Road site to a Young Peoples Centre for 13 to 24 year olds. The site also housed the Organisation’s training service, which opened in 1998.

In 2018, the company changed its branding to Childcare and Community Centre, following agreement from the Board of Trustees.

The organisation endeavours to support as many agencies as possible to complement and support community groups.