Trustee Information

Chairman – Geoff Urwin
President -Bob Bradley
Bill Tollet
Winnie Burns
Vicky Johnson
Kevin Parr

Staff Members
Sue Benson – CEO
Nicola Ambler – Nursery Manager
Lisa Pendlebury-Green – Deputy Nursery Manager
Lisa Fisher – Management Accountant
Sue Marsh – Finance Administrator
Eli Regan – Community Business Development Officer
Liam Pendlebury – Reception
Andy Wlasenko – Caretaker

Trustee Information
All registered charities in the UK are required to have trustees – volunteers who share the ultimate legal responsibility for the organisation. Anyone can be a charity trustee, although it is unusual for trustees to be under-18.
What do trustees do?

While it’s easy to explain the basic role of a trustee – setting strategy and making sure that the charity’s funds are effectively and appropriately spent – the precise nature of the work will vary between organisations.

You will be expected to come to meetings every month, and read the relevant paperwork beforehand. There might also be sub-committees and events.

The main roles for trustees include to:
1. Set and maintain vision, mission and values
2. Develop strategy
3. Establish and monitor policies
4. Set up employment procedures
5. Ensure compliance with governing document
6. Ensure accountability
7. Ensure compliance with the law
8. Maintain proper fiscal oversight
9. Select and support the chief executive
10. Respect the role of staff
11. Maintain effective board performance
12. Promote the organisation

What skills do we particularly require?
We would welcome Trustee applications for people with a Human Resource, Marketing or Fundraising background. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.