Little Giraffes


Our room accommodates up to 15 children housed in two adjoining rooms. The adult to child ratio is 1:3. Six fully qualified Nursery Nurses are assigned to the room so that the ratio is always maintained. We have “non mobile” and “mobile” divides within Little Giraffes. This is to ensure the safety of all children.

Highly Qualified Childcare Staff

The room supervisor is Miss Rebecca McSpirit. Within the baby room all activities and equipment will meet the appropriate age and ability of each child.

Learning and Development

The EYFS curriculum is used in this room. As always you can access your child’s records at any time and all planning will be displayed on the wall. The planning in Little Giraffes room is individually tailored for each child.

We have now introduced Parent Communication Sheets in our Little Giraffes room. It contains all information regarding your child’s weekly planning, nursery information and upcoming events/dates. It also has a section for parents to fill in with comments and feedback.

Events and Activities

In this room your child will take part in a lot of messy play as we believe that this encourages their development. For this reason we ask that you could bring a change of clothes for your child.

When the weather is nice we like to take the children out for walks or to the park. You will always be notified about these events and will need to sign a permission slip before we can do this.

Your Child’s Day to Day Needs

Within the room we ask that nappies and wipes are provided by parents and carers. We ask that all children bring in a drink cup during the day. Water and milk are provided by the nursery. As at this age your child will be moving around more, we recommend that they wear soft-soled shoes for nursery – this is for health & safety reasons. In Little Giraffes room, we spend a lot of time outside so we please ask that you provide footwear for your child, even if they are not yet mobile. We also ask you to please provide bedding for your child (sheet and blanket) if your child requires a sleep.

You will be provided with daily information about your child’s day. This will detail their activities, food and snacks provided, nappy changes, sleep times etc.