Talking community groups over cake and a brew


Over cake and a brew, we got together to discuss potential and exciting new programmes of activities at our community centre.

Surprising and enticing ideas formed over hot cups of coffee and tantalising cupcakes.

Paul Roberts teased us by asking, ‘What do you think the fastest growing activity is in the UK?’

After being completely flummoxed for a few minutes, he delivered the punchline – ‘Ukelele’ he said triumphantly.

Paul is happy to run the group so we are hoping to offer this in the New Year.

Steve Hook commented on the need for a walking group in the area and this sounded like a marvellous idea.

Cath Barton, from Community Circles, discussed some of the work she does. They pair older people in the community with younger volunteers. She spoke with great enthusiasm about pairing an experienced seamstress with a 16 year old textiles student in order that the older lady could share her expertise with the ingénue.

Vicki Birch from Canals and Rivers Trust spoke about partnering up and offering activities such as canoeing and walks along the canals. She works with 16 to 25 year olds but some of her colleagues work with different age groups.

Laura Harper from Groundwork spoke about Roots to Wellbeing, a 10 week programme designed to build confidence in its recipients by providing them with a framework of activities – sports, crafts and encouragement to set new goals – such as a job or a volunteer opportunity.

All in all, it was a very positive meeting which gave us all plenty of food for thought.

We also hope to offer a new mental health group in the New Year with an Arts for health approach – offering art, photography and walks among other activities.

Please get in touch with Eli at if you have any ideas for groups you’d like to discuss or if you’re interested in attending any of our programme of activities.