Deal for Communities Investment Fund Round 6 Celebration and Network event


Last night, on the evening of the 26th March, I had the privilege of being part of the Deal for Communities Celebratory event. Over pie or pasta bake and many a brew, there was a wonderful exchange of ideas which is what Wigan Borough is known for.

Councillor Chris Ready asked successful grantees for their stories about how The Deal has funded remarkable and innovative projects.

We heard about an exciting restorative justice project by Odd Arts, which sees young people take responsibility for their past criminal actions by telling their stories through video.

Books and More is an amazing project which dSuevers books to the doors of over 50s who are experiencing social isolation while volunteers come in for a chat and a brew about their chosen literature.

Maureen from Daffodils Dreams has a project starting this Friday 29th March which will improve children’s lives. They are targeting families who are experiencing poverty by offering the children opportunities such as money for a dance class they might be interested in. Their approach is to befriend the parents through a Chill and Chat and get to know them and what their families need. Their ethos is – Happy Child. Happy Home.

Abram Cooperative have a new shop opening in the Galleries called Made in Wigan and are part of Power to Change which aims to help start up community businesses to reduce inequality.

Wigan Youth Zone had a thrilling programme of activities including Visual Arts, Dance and Performance funded by Heritage Lottery Funding.

There were many other fantastic projects. Recently, we’ve received Wigan Council grant money for a Shared Reading programme for little ones and their parents which see them share a book such as The Gruffalo, make Gruffalo crumble and dress up in character. We also had funding for our ongoing Dementia Friendly group which will see us visit a llama sanctuary and do memory scrapbooking as well as many other activities.

Executive Leader David Molyneux closed the event pleased that Wigan Council could fund such varied projects and said Round 7 will concentrate on Start Well projects as children and young people deserve a good start in life which will have ripple effects into their futures.