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Childcare and Community Centre Hilton Street is a charitable organisation which allows for an affordable childcare facility that is of the highest quality for the local area.

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  • I couldn't recommend a more friendly and welcoming nursery. My little boy has attended since the middle of summer 2020. He is thriving and runs in to his classroom in the morning without looking back. In honesty, it isn't a nursery that is on social media 24/7 and uploading pictures every minute of the day, but that isn't needed. You get a lengthy handover at the end of your child's day and a sheet to take home if wanted, of their routine and what they have been playing with. They have activities for the children that you'd never think of and the development of my little boy since attending here has been second to none. Very old school, friendly and a very personal experience for your child. Would definitely recommend. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • Very friendly and welcoming nursery! My little boy has attended the babies class since August 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. I cannot thank the team enough at Hilton Street Childcare Wigan, not only did they welcome my little boy but they put my mind at ease, with me returning to work as a first time mum. I got to know of the routine of his day, what he eats, when he sleeps, what he plays with and even when his nappy is changed. This also helped with at home learning as we could follow his routine there. My child's development has been phenomenal since attending Hilton Street Childcare Wigan. I was very worried when the pandemic came into place, as my little boy was only five months old and was going to miss out on so much vital social learning and meeting new friends. Since he has been attending Hilton Street Childcare Wigan, I haven't ever looked back on this worry. He has a brilliant relationship with all of the children, the staff in his room, even the receptionist staff and caretakers too! I definitely recommend this nursery! Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • Great nursery. My boy loves coming. He started at nine months and is now three. The staff are patient and approachable. They have high expectations of the children, which I think is fantastic. There are so many different activities and themed days too. I really feel my child has benefited both socially and academically from coming here. Thank you. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • Our two children have been attending this nursery for a while. Our first went through the nursery to its after-school club, which has been informative and helpful. It has helped her to prepare for reception class on which it has had a positive impact. That was the main reason that we sent our second child to the nursery. We are seeing the same impact with him as well, more positive vibes to come! Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • My daughter came here nearly 12 months ago. The staff here got to know her personally and within a couple of days here she was so confident with all staff members who she met. She runs into nursery and looks forward to going every morning. Her routine has been amazing and she has come on so much since being here. I go to work knowing confidently that my daughter is well looked after. Any questions I've had I've asked management or my daughter's key worker and I have been more than happy with the response and support. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • My little boy has attended Hilton Street Childcare Wigan nursery from the age of two. They have been absolutely wonderful, my little boy is now six and still attends Hilton Street Childcare Wigan. I would recommend it to any parents looking for the most wonderful and caring childcare. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • All three of my children have attended the pre-school, my little girl is currently there now. All have absolutely loved the staff and the activities on offer including bakeing, swimming and arts and crafts. The staff are lovely and we've had no problems at all. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • My children have loved and continue to enjoy their time at Hilton Street Childcare Wigan. The staff are professional, polite, caring and go beyond to accommodate the needs of the children and assist with my personal work pattern to accommodate care for my children. The nursery is bright and filled with all things hand made by the children and have a variety of activities for the children to take part in. They have outdoor areas for the children to play and escape in the fresh air but safe for children to be well contained to ensure safety. My little boy was shy and always upset when it came to dropping off time, but now he has flourished and runs in freely as if it is home from home. My eldest enjoys his wrap around club, and I have full trust in the team to collect him and travel on foot with him in a safe and controlled manner to get to the centre for his after school club. Nothing is too much trouble. The manager is always updating parents thoroughly with weekly occurrences. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • My daughter started here in august 2020 and I cannot praise the staff enough. They have settled my daughter in so well during the pandemic. My daughter also has a gluten intolerance and they have been so helpful and on top of it to manage. The staff are so friendly and nothing is to much trouble. I feel comfortable and at ease knowing my daughter is being well looked after and happy. Since attending nursery my daughter has come out of her shell and they have supported her speech. I would recommend to anyone to send their child here. Thank you, guys.

  • I have had four children attend this nursery and I don't have one bad word to say. The staff are kind and make the children welcome, there are lots of toys and equipment for the children to learn and play with. If your looking for a friendly fun place for your children to attend and learn then look no further, this is the nursery for you.

  • My little girl has been coming here since she was nine months old, I wanted a recommendation for a nursery as it was a huge step and commitment. We visited on the back of one and we have never looked back. My daughter has developed so much in her time there and I don't believe she would be where she is in her development if she wasn't at nursery! The staff are all lovely, accommodating and most importantly my little girl adores her three days a week here.

  • Excellent nursery. I can fully recommend it to everyone. Everyone from staff members working hard to help develop our kids' skills. Every single little one can feel valuable in their groups. Very good communication with nursery to parents, always received all information when needed. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

  • Really nice place! My youngest daughter is very happy here in pre-school and settled very well. My eldest really enjoys the out of school holiday club too. Always good communication, helpful and lovely staff.

  • Fantastic nursery, highly recommended. Both my daughter and son attended school club and preschool and they love it. The staff are amazing and friendly and they know all the children even if they're not in their room. They give the nursery a family feeling; warm and caring.

  • My daughter has attended this nursery since December 2018 and she absolutely loves attending. I can honestly say that there has never been a day where she has not wanted to go. Staff are warm and welcoming when we arrive and collect her. My daughter comes home with lots of crafts and tells me about the vast amount of play activities she has been up to during the day. My daughter has made some special friends during her time at this nursery and I know she'll be sad to leave in September when she commences school. I feel the staff are approachable if I had any worries and I'll be confident that they would address any issues if I had any.

  • Wonderful experience. All my children have attended this nursery in the early year setting and holiday club. Staff can't do enough for the children. The manager and all the staff are amazing, always going that extra mile to make sure the welfare and safety of children is at the top of the list especially during the current climate.

  • I moved my son here from a childminder in September 2020, after pulling him out from the last setting due to Covid. The childminder was wonderful but I felt he needed the next step before preschool. This was by far the best decision. He has come on leaps and bounds since he started. Not only does he talk constantly about the different things he does there and so very fondly of the staff, he also wants to go in the holidays (he's term time only). In April, he will move to preschool in the same setting and he is very excited. I cannot fault them. The staff are honest, kind, approachable and clearly care for my son. What more can you want? I have already recommended the nursery to friends. We visited the nursery during lockdown, so there were fewer children and fewer activities than normal. However, even in these times, I could see how wonderful this place is. If you're unsure, I say go and look. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • My daughter has attended here for over a year now, she loves it! The staff here are amazing. They are friendly and make an effort to get to know your child personally (my daughter isn't just a number here). It puts my mind at ease when I leave my daughter to go to work as she happily skips in with no tears. They do so many activities with her and the healthy, varied meals have helped me with her at home. I have already recommended this nursery to numerous friends and will continue to do so!

  • My 7-month old started nursery in January after being born in lockdown. I was nervous about her attending with not being around other people as much as I would have liked. The staff have been amazing at settling her into nursery and she really enjoys it when she goes. They follow her routine and amend it as and when needed due to her developments. I can see she has progressed so much in the last few weeks and looking forward to her growing up with the other children. When I collect her I find out all the activities she has done and what lovely homemade meals she has had. With it being such a different world the staff have been amazing and so welcoming to myself and little girl. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Good nursery. Friendly staff and managers. Handling things well during this lockdown. Keeps you updated on things. Very approachable if any issues with my child. Reasonably priced. Not had a problem with this nursery as both my children have attended over the years.

  • My little girl started here in August 2020 and I was apprehensive about her starting any nursery. She has a cows milk allergy and the nursery have been amazing with dealing with this and are so careful to ensure she does not consume any dairy. My little girl has come on a great deal since starting and the girls in the little giraffe's room and the Manager are all amazing. They have handled the situation with COVID 19 amazingly and take every precaution to ensure the setting remains a safe space and the children wouldn't know any different. A bit of normalcy for them in this crazy world..

  • The staff are very friendly and professional and helpful. The variety of food that is served at mealtimes and snack times is great. My children love going and have great relationships with all the staff. Highly recommend this nursery.

  • My daughter felt at home at the nursery, she had separation anxiety and the nursery helped her through it once being at the nursery. My daughter is also a fussy eater and they would also make sure she had something she liked if she didn't like the food options on offer. The staff are very friendly and help with any issues you may have.

  • Just wanted to say thank you too you and all the staff at nursery for all you have done this year. I know it has been very challenging and different for all of us but Martha has continued to enjoy coming and learning at nursery. Thats is credit to you all and all the hard work you have put in. Wishing you all a happy safe Christmas and all the best for New Year 2021.

    Kate and Martha
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for Alfie over the years. He has become the boy he is today because of your help and support. I will keep you updated with everything.

  • Thank you so much for all the help you have given me in these 1st years of my life, for nuturing me and helping me to grow to get ready for school. For playing with me, comforting me,being patient with me, for being my friend. Lots of love

  • Thank you so much for all you have done for Max in these 4 years. you have played a huge part in his life and I can't thank you all enough for the love, kindness and care you have shown. You are all fantastic at what you do. We will truely miss you all so much. Again, Thank you!

  • Thank you for all the love and care that you have shown Lucas over the last year. The support you have offered in helping him develop and overcome his issues has been amazing. His communication skills have improved so much recently and I believe this is heavily down to the tireless work that you all do. I am saddened that he is leaving as I see the nursery staff as his extended family. I wish you all well in the future.